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The educational institution has a long history with famous traditions, which were formed thanks to the efforts of the teaching staff and students.  The history of the educational institution from the distant past. In 2017 our School celebrated 70 anniversary.

The Kyiv Higher Vocational School of Construction and Design was created on October 16, 1947.  It was named  School of  Factory Training № 30. From the moment of foundation and to the present educational institution has undergone several reorganizations:

– 1955 – the school of Factory Training № 30 was renamed in Building School № 10;

– 1957 – the school was named Construction School № 10;

– 1962 – the school got the name of the City Vocational School № 29;

– 2002 – the educational institution received the status of the Kyiv Higher Vocational School of  Construction and Design with the third degree of accreditation.  In 2005 there was the first graduation of students who received junior specialist diplomas.

On October 16, 2006, the flag of the Kyiv Higher Vocational School of Construction and Design appeared above the new sports complex.

In 2011, the Information and Bibliographic Center was created at the School. Visitors and students got access to electronic handbooks, building standards which were posted on the School’s website. Students and teaching staff  have access to other information resources, state official sites and free access to electronic libraries not only of  Ukraine but also of the world.

Since its foundation, more than 16 thousand  qualified labor specialists graduated and now they successfully work not only at building grounds  but also on the leading state positions of our country.

Qualitative knowledge and professional successes have been distinguished by our state.  The rewards of the Kyiv Higher Vocational School of Construction and Design are confirmation of the right path, which is chosen by students and pedagogical staff.

But the most important recognition of the correctness of the chosen path is the further realization of the acquired professions by students.  The School constantly cooperates with both educational and industrial institutions.  Students are trained in production and manufacturing practice at Epicenter-K LLC, SMU No. 34 PJSC «Trest  KEM», «Tour-World»  LLC, PJSC «Ventilation Systems»  etc.

During professional practice students of the college get a salary for their work.  Each year the educational institution provides 100% employment of graduates within Kyiv and Kyiv region.

The administration and pedagogical staff of the educational institution modernize the educational process through cooperation with Ukrainian and foreign partners.

The School pays great attention to the problem of energy-saving technologies. Training Center for Energy Efficiency and Energy Conservation of  Buildings and Structures was established together with Henkel Bautechnik (Ukraine) for studying and popularization energy-saving technologies in KHVS of Construction and Design.

The KHVS of Construction and Design cooperates with ILC company, which helps anyone who want to change their lives for the better by creating new opportunities in Canada, Sweden, Great Britain, Italy, Ireland and Germany.  Since June 2012, the KHVS of Construction and Design, has implemented the project «Recognition of  Education and Employment of  Ukrainian Builders in Canada», in which teachers of the school have got training and received certificates from the Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology (Canada), which gives  the right to carry out certification of construction professionals who wish to work in European countries.

One of the main tasks of the masters of industrial training and teachers of the professional disciplines of the Kyiv Higher Vocational School is the creation of favorable conditions for mastering the professions of the building profile with the help of modern technologies and materials. Among such steps is the implementation of the German-Ukrainian project with the Eberhard Shoek Foundation «Modernization of education by profession « Painter» for the training of skilled workers by profession « Renovator of decorations. Designer ».

The Kyiv Higher Vocational School of Construction and Design has a well-stocked material and training base: 7 workshops, 18 classrooms, 2 computer classes, assembly hall, and gyms.

In the School work Highly skilled teachers and masters with high professional level of training, professionalism, skills and extensive teaching experience in their specialties.

Particular attention is paid to the combination of  basic education and professional training, as a result our graduates have high professionalism  and they become winners of not only city contests but also National contest of  professional skill

Our pedagogical and student teams are always happy to welcome talented young people who really want to get a professional and qualified education.

Welcome to study, recreation, sports and professional achievements  in the Kyiv Higher Vocational School of Construction and Design!


Georgiy Aleksenko

 Headmaster of the Kyiv Higher Vocational School of Construction and Design,

 Teacher of the highest category, Laureate of the Verkhovna Rada of  Ukraine Award.

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