In accordance with the Conditions of admission to study at higher educational establishments of Ukraine, in 2018, the results of external independent evaluation 2016, 2017 and 2018 will be included for entering higher education institutions. From English, Spanish, German and French, the results will only be received in 2018. The results of 2018 and previous years will become unequal and this is due to the fact that the format of certification work in a foreign language has been changed.
Test innovations in English, Spanish, German and French:
1) the part “Understanding the Speech by Hearing” is added, which will include listening of sound fragments and performance of tasks;
2) increased the number of tasks – 59 and the duration of the test (150 minutes);
3) participants who choose a foreign language as a subject of state final attestation will receive the result of the STA (on a scale of 1-12) depending on the level at which they studied this language:
for those who have studied language at the profile level, the assessment for the STA will be the result of all tasks; for those who have studied the language at the standard or academic level, the assessment for the STA will be the result of the tasks 1-32 and 49-59. Participants who are foreign language is required for entry into higher education institutions, they must complete all test tasks, regardless of the level at which they have studied the language. The results of the external independent evaluation (on a scale of 100-200) will be determined by the results of all the tasks of the test.
The content and complexity of the test tasks will be in line with the External Independent Assessment Program, which takes into account the specifics of the study of a foreign language at the standard (academic) level and at the profile level. Therefore, the testing involves the implementation of certification work, which contains tasks of various levels of complexity.
Each participant in the external assessment has the right to take tests in at least four subjects from the list:
• Ukrainian language and literature • history of Ukraine • mathematics • biology • geography • physics • chemistry • English language • Spanish language • German language • French language The task of certifying works on the history of Ukraine, mathematics, biology, geography, physics, chemistry will be carried out by the Crimean Tatar, Moldovan, Polish, Russian, Romanian, Hungarian.
Basic terms for external independent evaluation in infographics.


State final attestation in the form of external independent evaluation

For graduates of secondary schools in 2018, the results of an external independent evaluation of the three subjects will be counted as assessments for the state final certification on a scale of 1-12 points. The first compulsory subject of the STA is the Ukrainian language and literature (part of the Ukrainian language). The second is the choice of the graduate: mathematics or the history of Ukraine (the period of the XX – the beginning of the XXI century). The third subject is chosen by the graduates independently from the above list.

Also, in 2018, the final state examination of Ukrainian language and literature in the form of external independent assessment will be conducted by students (students, students) of vocational schools and higher educational institutions that will complete full secondary education in 2018.

Setting a “threshold score”

In order to determine the results of the external independent evaluation in 2018, a “threshold score” will be set for each subject, that is, the number of test points that can be obtained by a minimum trained entrant. A meeting threshold setting is broadcast online. In 2018, the threshold score for mathematics, the Ukrainian language and literature, foreign languages, biology will be determined by June 14, from the history of Ukraine, geography, physics, chemistry – until June 20. Test participants who do not overcome the “threshold” will not be able to use the result of external assessment on this subject for admission to higher education institutions. All entrants, whose results will not be lower than the “threshold”, will receive an assessment on the scale of 100-200 points and will be eligible to take part in the competitive selection at the time of admission.

The material is taken from the website of the Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment